BenQ ZOWIE concludes the India Qualifier Finale for eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia Open 2017 in Bangalore

+ADw-p+AD4-The LAN final of the ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND India Qualifier Finale was held at the LXG Caf+AOk, which is one of India+IBk-s best gaming lounges. The event was hosted on the 23rd and 24th of September and provided a platform to some of the best home-grown teams in India to showcase their potential. The four finalists of the Online Qualifiers were announced and they battled it out to win an all-expenses paid trip to Shanghai and fight the best teams in Asia Pacific for the coveted prize pool of USD 100,000. The four finalists of the eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Qualifiers were:+AKA Eternal e-sports, Entity Gaming, TradeMarc Gaming and Team Shooting Monkeys.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-figure id+AD0AIg-attachment+AF8-2335+ACI style+AD0AIg-width: 802px+ACI class+AD0AIg-wp-caption alignnone+ACIAPgA8-img class+AD0AIg-size-full wp-image-2335+ACI src+AD0AIg- alt+AD0AIgAi /+AD4APA-figcaption class+AD0AIg-wp-caption-text+ACIAPg-Left to Right: Mr Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ Pvt. Ltd with the winning team, Karan +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-Excali+ACYAIw-8217+ADs Mhaswadkar, Bharath +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-RibbiZ+ACYAIw-8217+ADs Kiran Reddy, Ishpreet +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-HuntR+ACYAIw-8217+ADs Singh, Tejas +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-Ace+ACYAIw-8217+ADs Sawant, Ayush +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-Astarr+ACYAIw-8217+ADs Deora.+ADw-/figcaption+AD4APA-/figure+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-Last year top 3 teams from the Lan Qualifiers Event were awarded with Zowie gaming gear like mouse and mouse pads and the winner team, Invictus represented India at the Main Event in Shanghai, China. The team has although disbanded now, four of its players competed at the LAN finals this year as part of different teams.+ADw-br /+AD4
This year the event saw exceptional gameplay by the four teams and Eternal e-sports and Entity Gaming battled it out in the last leg of the finale. Entity Gaming emerged victorious and claimed an all-expenses paid trip to Shanghai as their prize presented to them by Mr. Rajeev Singh, Managing Director of BenQ India Pvt. Ltd.+ADw-br /+AD4
BenQ ZOWIE set up an exclusive experience tour on the 22nd of September for the players which gave them a chance to get a hands-on experience of the gaming products and peripherals that BenQ Zowie has to offer.+ADw-br /+AD4
BenQ Zowie also showcased two newly launched products which included the Zowie XL2546, a 240hz+AKA esports monitor with DyAc+AK4 technology, which guarantees the smoothest and the most responsive gameplay experience. The newly launched BenQ Zowie Celeritas II keyboard, which allows players to avoid double key presses is another addition to ZOWIE+IBk-s range of premium gaming hardware that the players got a chance to experience first-hand.+ADw-br /+AD4
The ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND India Qualifier Finale was packed with excitement and cut-throat competition between some of the best esports teams in the country. With Extremsland, BenQ Zowie is trying to create a niche for itself in the gaming community and mobilize greater interest and professionalism in the esports tournament landscape.+ADw-/p+AD4
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BenQ ZOWIE to launch the Celeritas II gaming keyboard at ESL India Premiership Mumbai 2017

+ADw-p+AD4-BenQ ZOWIE, +IBw-Official Esports Monitor Partner+IB0 for the ESL India Premiership 2017, will be launching the much awaited Celeritas II gaming keyboard along with showcasing their range of ZOWIE esports monitors and accessories at an exclusive booth at the Summer Season Finale scheduled for 1+ADw-sup+AD4-st+ADw-/sup+AD4 and 2+ADw-sup+AD4-nd+ADw-/sup+AD4 July in Mumbai. ESL India Premiership, which kicked off in April, is one of the largest esports events in the country with a prize pool of INR 67 lakhs.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-On this occasion, Rajeev Singh, BenQ India MD said, +IBw-At ZOWIE, we are dedicated to providing unprecedented gaming experiences to the professionals. After years of perfecting the technology for optimal and consistent keystrokes coupled with the best hardware and heavy in-house testing by professional gamers, we are proud to launch the Celeritas II today at this grand event. Our partnership with ESL India Premiership 2017 solidifies ZOWIE+IBk-s intention to promote and nurture esports in India.+IB0APA-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-ZOWIE Celeritas II features the optimal key activation distance+ADs this is the distance the key has to travel before an action is performed. A high quality iron spring allows for each keystroke to be executed with a consistent amount of force throughout while improving durability to meet the standard required in esports. The Celeritas II introduces the optical switch, which allows players to avoid double key presses. It also has illuminated keys, with brightness levels that can be adjusted or turned off completely.+AKA We believe this allows for a more comfortable experience whether you are playing in your bedroom with the lights off or under the glare of spotlights in a tournament.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-BenQ ZOWIE will also be showcasing its entire range of gaming gear which includes monitor and peripherals at the experience zone.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-Amongst the product that will be displayed at the experience zone are the +ADw-strong+AD4-BenQ ZOWIE XL series +ADw-/strong+AD4-which are 144hz and world+IBk-s first 240hz monitors best suited for professional PC gaming. In addition, the booth will also showcase the +ADw-strong+AD4-RL series +ADw-/strong+AD4-which are 1ms lag free gaming monitors optimized for console gaming.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-The experience zone will also include gaming gears such as the +ADw-strong+AD4-EC, FK and the ZA Series Mice+ADw-/strong+AD4APA-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-While the EC series is ergonomically designed for right-handed users offering a bigger room for wrist movements, the FK series is designed for both left and right handed users. The ZA series is specifically developed for palm and claw grip usage. Other peripherals such as +ADw-strong+AD4-G-SR and G-TFX mousepads, ZOWIE Vital audio system and Camade wire manager+ADw-/strong+AD4 will also be on display.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-In addition to the ZOWIE lineup, BenQ will also be showcasing other gaming products that add immense value to a gamer+IBk-s experience. The +ADw-strong+AD4-EX3200R +ADw-/strong+AD4-is BenQ+IBk-s first 31.5 inch curved monitor designed to have a curvature of 1800R offering an enjoyable large screen experience to the gaming enthusiasts. +ADw-strong+AD4-BenQ+IBk-s W1210ST+ADw-/strong+AD4 1080p Home Video Projector allows gamers enjoy a brand new life-sized experience with ultra-low input lag for smooth gaming.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-The experience booth at the event is being set up to acquaint gamers first-hand to the mechanics of ZOWIE+IBk-S exclusive gaming+AKA gear and to let them be a part of the bigger experience of being an owner of these products.+ADw-/p+AD4
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