PTron launches wireless smartphone charger at just INR 499/-

{$excerpt:n} private label brand +ADw-em+AD4gGA-PTron+IBkAPA-/em+AD4 unveils +IBw-wireless charger+IB0, a wireless pad which allows to wirelessly charge a compatible device+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-s battery using induction transfer, simply by placing it on top of a wireless pad +ACYAIw-8211+ADs and with no need for cables or adapters (other than to the wireless charger itself). PTron extends its range of chargers in the mobile accessories segment with the launch of this +ADw-a href+AD0AIg- pad+ADw-/a+AD4. This is in line with PTron+IBk-s strategy of continuously innovating and introducing unique products to meet rapidly changing customer needs and demands.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4APA-a href+AD0AIg- wireless charger+ADw-/a+AD4 pad comes in black +ACY-amp+ADs red combination and exclusively available on, priced at INR 499/- only.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4APA-img class+AD0AIg-size-full wp-image-2331 alignright+ACI src+AD0AIg- alt+AD0AIgAi /+AD4APA-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4APA-strong+AD4-Features +ACY-amp+ADs specifications+ADw-/strong+AD4:+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Ultra thin, lightweight and portable+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Anti-slip base for stable placement of device+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Input DC 5V/1.5A +ACY-amp+ADs output 1A+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Energy Conversion +ACYAIw-8211+ADs 76+ACUAPA-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Induction charging technology+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Compatible with mobile phones with Qi standard like iPhone 8 +ACY-amp+ADs iPhone X+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-Diameter 6.8cm +ACY-amp+ADs thickness 1.1cm+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-Mr. Ameen Khwaja, Founder and CEO of said, +IBwAPA-i+AD4-I am quite excited about wireless technology in India. As per the current trend, new generation comprising of Gen Y and Gen Z is more inclined toward wireless technology.+AKA Be it wireless speakers, earphones or charging your device, wireless technology makes life easier. PTron wireless charging pad is definitely a thing for Gen Z. As per a report, wireless phone charging market forecast indicates that global markets will reach +ACQ-33.6 billion by 2019. In my view, wireless devices or gadgets have immense potential to scale up due to its advantages+ADw-/i+AD4.+IB0APA-/p+AD4
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PTron launches +IBw-Muscle+IB0, a multifunction power bank for INR 799+ACE-

+ADw-p+AD4-PTron launches +IBw-Muscle+IB0, a multifunction power bank with lamp. This is in line with PTron+IBk-s strategy of ceaselessly innovating and introducing new merchandise to fulfill apace and dynamic customer needs and demands. As per a report, power bank market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.22+ACU between 2017 and 2022 and is likely to be valued at USD 25.16 billion by 2022.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4APA-a href+AD0AIg- class+AD0AIg-alignleft+ACI src+AD0AIg- alt+AD0AIg- /+AD4-PTron Muscle+ADw-/a+AD4 is available in white +ACY-amp+ADs blue, white +ACY-amp+ADs pink, and white +ACY-amp+ADs black colors combinations, exclusively for +IBw-MyLuxury+IB0 Gen Z customers. To ensure that the product is in line with MyLuxury preferences of the buyers, it is priced attractively at just INR 799+ACEAPA-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4APA-strong+AD4-Features of PTron Muscle+ADw-/strong+AD4:+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Power bank with adjustable 180 degree Led lamp+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-Three USB 2.0 ports, one micro-USB port and gives 5V/2A output+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-13,000 mAh Li-ion battery, the power bank can power-up smart phones, tablets, mp3/mp4 players, digital cameras and several other devices+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-It can charge devices for four to five times depending on battery capacity+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-li+AD4-It is featured with protection against overheating, short circuit, and overcharging, by automatically disconnecting the device on full charge+ADw-/li+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-An ergonomic design, better grip, Led indicators, minimum weight and also helps endure through your daily wear +ACY-amp+ADs tear by preventing scratches on the surface of the body+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4APA-img class+AD0AIg-alignright+ACI src+AD0AIg- alt+AD0AIg- /+AD4APA-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-Ameen Khwaja, Founder and CEO of said, +IBw-The key driving factors for the growth of the power bank market include the increasing usage of smart phones and tablets +ACY-amp+ADs technological advancements etc. PTron Muscle is a stylish, multifunctional and reliable charging solution for mobile devices. It can charge up to three mobile devices simultaneously. Equipped with a large mAh capacity battery, the Muscle power bank is an ideal traveling companion for all mobile power needs. We plan to launch power banks in various battery capacities to suit the needs of the consumers.+IB0APA-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4gHA-Gen Z is likely to usher in the next era of consumerism making it important to understand their selective mindset which is unlike previous generations when it comes to choosing between brands. We understand this evident revolution, away from global brands towards individual satisfaction in buying behavior and intent to capitalize on this era of +IBg-My Luxury+IBk and grow LatestOne as the most credible platform for online shopping, he added.+IB0APA-/p+AD4
+ADw-p+AD4-The post +ADw-a rel+AD0AIg-nofollow+ACI href+AD0AIg- launches +IBw-Muscle+IB0, a multifunction power bank for INR 799+ACEAPA-/a+AD4 appeared first on +ADw-a rel+AD0AIg-nofollow+ACI href+AD0AIg-
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Top 5 music gadgets one must possess

Music is one thing that every individual loves to listen at their own leisure. As it is rightly said, medicine heals the body but music heals the soul. The choice of music is very individualistic and personal. Someone would prefer listening to romantic songs, some to jazz and some are rock music lovers. In today’s time, technology gives everyone endless ways to listen to their favorite songs the time they think of it. chalks down some of the most technologically advanced and coolest speakers, headphones and systems available

Portable speakers: PTron Ultra Pill Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker is portable and has an attractive shape of a pill. PTron speaker can be used to enjoy loud, clear music on your device anytime anywhere. “M” Button on the speaker can give an access FM too. It has a playtime of about three hours. It is a must have product which is exclusively available at for Rs. 549

Music System: Flow 41 system – Add an extra dose of fun to your party by bringing home this Buzz Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker System. It will be an ideal choice for a home theatre as it features a 5.1 channel that will give you a crystal clear listening experience. This Flow Buzz Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker System also has a built-in FM Radio than enables you to tune into your desired station at any time. This product is available for Rs. 2,549 only

Earphones: Sony MDR-AS200 In-Ear Active Sports earphones come in a stylish design and are available in trendy colors. These headphones are Ideal for active people that come with a water resistant housing that prevents the entry of water and sweat. They are compatible with various mobile devices. This product is available for Rs. 675

Headphones: Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset is an amazing looking over the head earphones that every music lover should possess. It has a noise cancellation feature and also an in-line Microphone for hands-free calling. Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. This cool gadget is available for Rs. 949 only
Earplugs: PTron HBE8 headset is light in weight, easy to carry and has been designed to give it a cool & attractive look. It comes with a tangle free TPE cable of 120 cm length. The portable hands-free headset makes it easy to make private voice/video calls, answer calls and hang up easily. PTron HBE8 is available in 2 metallic color variants of gold and silver. The features of the product include Volume control slider, Powerful, enhanced bass and passive noise isolation, Integrated mic and call answer button, High-quality PVC twisted wire and many other interesting features.  This gadget is available exclusively on for Rs. 299 only
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